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Welcome to Egg-Adoptions!

Ovia's Egg by MissMignonneWelcome Ovia's Egg by MissMignonne

I hope you have fun here looking for and selling eggs and other mystery items. :D

Update:Those who submit fandom inspired adoptables will be blocked. I made their prohibition clear as I would like to keep the group for original creations. :nod:

Monthly Challenge Theme

Paper Crane by chibifloom In viaggio by DavideSolurghi Pink Origami Bear by ChiChi-desu


:bulletblue:Submit to the correct folder please! If I notice that folder submissions are getting out of hand, I will subject entries to vote.
:bulletwhite:Only 3 images a day are allowed to each folder. However, you can put as many eggs on an image as you like. :D
:bulletgreen:Buy characters-not eggs. If you have bought an egg and did not receive the character, I will ban the adoptable maker from the group if it is reported to me with evidence.
:bulletblue:Be polite to sellers and buyers.
:bulletwhite:Please removed closed sheets, otherwise I will have to close everything periodically to keep things clean. I will now be removing entries from the gallery that do not have either open, closed, taken, or similar statuses
:bulletgreen:No fanadoptables--pokemon, Naruto, ect. There's some murky copyright waters there, and I really don't want to scuba dive in it. Plus, is it not better to be original? :dummy: Please do not submit journals into the group, only images. Actions will be taken if this reoccurs.

Folders and Explanations

Featured - I will choose eggs that personally tickle my fancy to cycle through here periodically, therefore this is closed to the members of the group. However, your creativity can get you in here! :D

Monthly Challenge - This folder is for your eggs and characters that were inspired by the monthly challenge.

Free Eggs - As it says, any free eggs or mysterious hatchable items belong here.

Eggs for Cash - Any eggs or mysterious hatchable items being sold with payment through Paypal, cash, cheque, or other payment means should go here. If you have dual payment, but prefer cash, put your adoptable here.

Eggs for Points - Any eggs or mysterious hatchable items being sold with payment through dA points belong here. If you have dual payment, but prefer points, put your adoptable here.

Eggs for Offer, Auctions, and Trade - Any eggs or mysterious hatachable items being put up for auction, name your price, trade-to-adopt, draw-to-adopt, raffles, or the like belong here.

Other Hatchables - This is a bit of an optional folder. If you hatch boxes instead of eggs, for example, you can put them here, but they won't be declined from the other folders either. This folder is mostly for buyers looking for something other than eggs.

Hatchlings - This folder is for all your hatched creations--sold or unsold.

If you have any questions feel free to note the group and I'll try to get back with you as quickly as possible. :aww:





If you belong to one of these groups, you will automatically be able to submit 1 image a week to our gallery. :D

Gallery Folders

:.{Still open adoptables - Humanoid Egg  -OPEN-}.: by Drakyblack
Egg Adoptables 01 - OPEN- by Julkkuli
Hatchable Cheebs 12 -- { 1/3 OPEN } by Hardrockangel-Adopts
Egg adopts: Round 2 LOW PRICES (OPEN!) by ShemeiArt
Monthly Challenge Eggs
Technology Eggs [CLOSED] by Alises-Adopts
Hat Themed Eggs [CLOSED] by Alises-Adopts
Cloud Themed Eggs [CLOSED] by Alises-Adopts
Free Eggs
Forest Spirit Adopts 3 OPEN by AeternaAdoptables
Eggs for Cash
Aqua Gelz Challenge | Batch 1 of 5 | 6/10 OPEN by JashJash
[A] Tropical Griffin adoptable OPEN by DarkLunac
.:.{Humanoid Egg Adoptables -OPEN-}.:. by Drakyblack
Mermaid/man type fish or shrimp egg Auction (OPEN) by KrugMitLoch
Eggs for Points
Egg adoptables -open- by PinkInklingGirl
Mystery Egg Batch 0/4 by MaxdragonxX
Canine Egg Adopt [OPEN] by Eivine
Goo Ball Adopts (8/8 Open) by PlantFolk
Eggs for Offer, Auctions, and Trade
Egg Adopts 1 (2/4 OPEN) OTA by RebelAdopts
OTA police bunny egg-MOVED by ButtonsTheCat-Adopts
OTA Creature egg batch-(3/8)-OPEN by ButtonsTheCat-Adopts
Other Hathables
10-50 Point Gacha Machine OPEN by QueenAryca
MYSTERY ADOPTABLES: 006 (OPEN 1/30) by imaginary-shops
[OPEN 2/6] -CLEARANCE SALE- Tiny bugs adoptables by Tanuki-Adopts
Animated Holiday YCH - OPEN by 102vvv
Plottie Seeds: Revealed 28 (#205-#207) by MMXII
Galaxy Ram mystery egg hatched by maruuneko
Winged Deer Mystery adopt by maruuneko
Plottie Seeds: Revealed 23 (#129-131) by MMXII
Egg Template - Editable by Karijn-s-Basement
Egg Template by Karijn-s-Basement
Monthly Challenge

Welcome New Members!

I will update this journal from now on with the challenge theme. For those that don't know, the Monthly Challenge is a theme I provide to inspire egg creation. Anyone can participate and there's a possibility of points rewards for those that submit creative entries into the Monthly Challenge folder in our gallery. You can submit the eggs and their hatchlings if you wish into the folder. Images for inspiration are on the front page. :aww:

You can make an egg with the challenge theme at any time to submit to the folder, but only those creative ones that were submitted within the time frame will be eligible for points. :nod:

Current Theme

Past Themes
Axe | Flowers
Monsters | Technology
Shaman | Birds
School Uniforms | Winter
Dinosaurs | Masks
Lamps | Hats
Bells | Clouds
Gemstones | Fireworks
Wreaths | Machines
Vegetables | Gold
Magic | Meats
Graves | Knives
Ghosts | Moon
Crowns | Bows
Birds | Fire
Ice | Water
Fruit | Sunsets
Beads | Forests
Bears | Candles
Crystals | Rose
More Journal Entries



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J-Jinx-x Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, in your about it says Eggs and other mystery items. Would that coincide with offspring adopts as well? It's basically the same thing, only instead of an egg, you show them the parents. I was just wondering. :)
MissMignonne Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Yep, that falls into the other mystery items category. ^.^ Sorry for the delay~
J-Jinx-x Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, thanks! ^.^ And it's no problem. :) Thanks for getting back to me! ^.^
Pony-boutique Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
I have a question. I have these mystery adopt hats and scarves that are specified for MLP, but can fit on any adoptable with ears. I was wondering if I would be allowed to post it to the group or not. 
This is what it is> Pony-Boutique's one and only Gacha/vending machine by Pony-boutique  
MissMignonne Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Since they're not specifically MLP characters I'll say yes. :nod:
Pony-boutique Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Eeeee thank you!
Yukikukeko Featured By Owner Edited Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet Dreams ~Mystery Egg Adopt~ [AUCTION: OPEN] by Yukikukeko 
psychodolphin Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
dude il be up for co founder
MissMignonne Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm not in search for a co-founder right now, but thank you for the offer. :thanks:
ShadRine Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What's an egg adopt? XD
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